Cinnamon Uses

Cinnamon is one versatile spice. For thousands of years, throughout various cultures spanning continents, it can be found in the pantries, apothecary drawers, cupboards, doctors’ bags, and other storage for use.

It has been used in the embalming ceremonies of ancient Egypt, for fragrancing bathwaters and bedsheets in Biblical times, and in medicinal herbal remedies of China for thousands of years. Nowadays, it can be found in kitchens of chefs and home cooks the world over, spas and beauty products galore, a plethora of nutritional products, and continued interest and use in the medicinal and pharmaceutical industries.

Cinnamon, both the limited supplies of Ceylon cinnamon and the oversaturated market of cassias cinnamon, is relatively inexpensive. It is easy to store and obtain in its different forms. Really, there is no reason to not keep it handy in the house!

Cinnamon Recipes
Cinnamon Beauty Uses